Red Letter Christians

Every now and again a book comes along which makes you stop and think (maybe for some it happens quite regularly). 

One book which has had this kind of effect on me recently is called ‘Red Letter Revolution’ by Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne (2012, Thomas Nelson Publishers)

It is a book which laments how Christians often get self-centred and side tracked, so easily forgetting what is truly important in life and to God.  The title relates to those Bibles (mine included) where all the words of Jesus are printed in red, rather than black).

Whilst maintaining that the whole Bible has much to teach us, Campolo and Claiborne refocus us on Jesus – on the kinds of things which were (and are) important to him. Such things, they say, should be the things Christians devote our time and energies to.  What kinds of things are they?

Well, the book, where each chapter consists of the ideas of one of the authors and then a reply by the other, covers such topics as:

·         Community

·         The environment

·         Poverty

·         Politics

·         War and violence

·         The church

·         The middle east

·         Reconciliation 

and many more…..

In an age when the media encourage us to think almost exclusively 

about what we need (or most often want), this book is a wake- up call for those of us (and let’s be honest it’s all of us at some point!) 

who tend to lose sight of the bigger picture, the wider world and how much God cares about all people and in fact about all of creation.

At St David’s we have just re-vamped our library area, making it much easier to browse and choose books to take home and read.

Red Letter Revolution is now in the Library and available to borrow – I encourage you to do so and I’ll personally buy more copies and put them in there if there’s sufficient interest.

We are very fortunate to have such a well-stocked, quality resource in our church. We have three times as many books as we can display and our aim is to rotate the titles available every 3 months or so. Currently we have some excellent books on prayer by Philip Yancey and David Adam, among others, titles on Discipleship and the Christian life by authors including John Ortberg and CS Lewis as well as some of the latest thinking on the future of the church and on responding to the great needs of our world. We also have DVD’s, books and teaching on CD for those who prefer.

It would be wonderful if we could have short reviews of books in our Library by those of you who have read them and include them in future editions of this magazine. Just send them to Ian Gold or to me.

The Christian life is one of continual learning; we will never know it all. Engaging with what others have to say about living as a follower of Jesus in the world today always makes a huge difference to me and my walk with God:  I pray that it will make a difference to you too.

With love in Christ