The Tyranny of the Urgent


A poem by Adrian Plass (Clearing
Away the Rubbish, 1988, Minstrel Books) an imaginary phone conversation
with Jesus……

Phone Call

Lord Jesus – don’t come round tonight,

I’m busy at the hall,

And the chances of a chat with you

Are really rather small.

So many people need me,

And I can’t deny them all,

So! It looks as if I won’t be in,

If you decide to call.

Yes, Tuesday would be

But I think the man next door

Is looking very troubled,

And I’ve helped him out before.

Well – a friend in need is something

I can never quite ignore,

No – don’t come round tomorrow night,

You understand, I’m sure.

Wednesday night? That’s study group,

Thursday I’m away,

On Friday I’ve got tickets

For the local Christian play.

Saturday’s the mission,

And that’ll take all day,

Better if we leave it now

Till Sunday night; okay?

Oh, Jesus? Do you love me?

Will you ever set me free?

I’ve built myself a prison,

I’ve thrown away the key.

I’m weeping in the darkness,

Yes, I’m longing now to see

The plans you have for both of us.

Please come and visit me.

this poem ring true for you sometimes? It does for me and has at various times
throughout my life as a Christian.

gets so busy, work, family, hobbies, even when ‘doing things for God’ that we
can so easily lose touch with Him.

Him out of the picture and we charge headlong in a direction which is
completely of our own choosing and we find like Adrian Plass that we’ve ‘built
ourselves a prison and thrown away the key.’

good to try to build a balanced life of work, family, friends, interests, but
if we lose touch with the Source of all Life then what’s it all for? Are we
really investing our time and energy into things of eternal value, or on short
term ‘fixes’ which clutter our lives and leave no room for Him.

Easter approaches, Lent is a great time to reflect on where we are with God and
how we can put Him more firmly at the centre of our lives.

prayer get pushed out? Do we have any time in our lives for reflection at all?
Be Still, Sunday Services, Home Groups, Deeper Life online course/community are
just a few of the ways we as a church try to make space for God at different
times of the week.

Easter Sunday, the day of the resurrection, the day of new life and hope for
all of us, only a short time away – how about asking yourself a few questions?

How much
of this poem do I identify with?

Is my
life just one event after another, a runaway train, hanging on for dear life?

Is it
time to slow down, to deliberately make time for God a higher priority?

So, will
you join me in making space for Jesus, the only One who claims to bring us life
to the full and Living Water that will never run dry?

love in Christ,