What does Jesus
Resurrection mean for us?

As you read
this it will be very close to Easter day, maybe just after, but the
resurrection is something which should make a difference to us whatever day it
is. Let’s look back to the early days after Jesus rose from the dead, an event
which turned a frightened group of His followers into a force which would
change the world……

The first
Christians believed that Jesus’ resurrection had implications for the entire
universe. Their tradition had taught
them that the world was broken and desperately in need of repair and that at
some point in the future, God was going to put it all back together. For them, this future restoration had nothing
to do with leaving this world; it was
all about the renewing and the reclaiming of this world. This isn’t to deny of
course that when our life on earth is over, we will go to be with God, just to
say that that won’t be the end of the story (read Revelation 21 to find out

As the
author and speaker Rob Bell puts it: “They
saw in Jesus’ resurrection the beginning of this universe-wide movement to put it all back together.”

The first
Christians believed that the world would not be improved through military
power. This gospel they were living had
nothing to do with using political force to make people live a certain way. For them, this gospel was about serving the
world, being God’s agents for transformation and for hope in the world.

Now this is
both deeply personal and also world changing.

Rob Bell
again: ‘Jesus is saving me, he’s saving
me from my sins, from my mistakes, from
my pride, from my indifference to the suffering of the world around me. From my cynicism and despair, the brokenness I
see in the world around me is true of my own soul.’

We all fall
short and that’s the beautiful part.

vulnerable people like you and me, are invited to be the hands and feet of a
Jesus who loves us exactly as we are and yet, loves us way too much to let us
stay that way. It’s OK if we sometimes mess up, God will forgive and restore us
and it’s OK if we’ve got scars – even the risen Jesus still bore the scars of
his crucifixion……

But Jesus
invites us into new life, into a new world, God’s new world. A world which is
rich with possibilities because death and evil have been overcome – all because
of Easter.

And so, we
are saved from sin, from despair, from hopelessness and as Christians we are
set free to serve God in the world, to
work with him as he calls all human beings into relationship with him through
Jesus; free to work with him as he seeks to challenge suffering and all that is
unjust; free to be the people he works through to put this world back together again, to
bring signs of this new world of hope into existence, right here and right now.

All this is
the call on the church and all this stems from and only from the resurrection
of Jesus.

Christ is risen

He is risen
indeed, Alleluia!

With love in