It's All About Grace

Nick spoke about the idea of grace this morning. He pointed out that there are stories about grace - undeserved love - throughout the whole of the Bible, and that Jesus' death on the cross was the ultimate outpouring of God's grace to us. he finished by saying that the more time we comit to God, the more of His grace will rub off on us.

Nick mentioned the book 'What's so Amazing About Grace' by Phillip Yancey. Homegroup studied this a few years ago as there is a 'small group' version of the book. Here are some links to youtube to help you get a feel for this book if you are interested (find more videos by looking at the featured channels part of our youtube channel.

There are books relating to this topic in the recommended reading section of the Church Shop. Why not post a comment below to share what you understand by grace right now?.... it's amazing how this work has such very different meanings to different people.

May we know and show His grace as a Christian community.