St. David’s: A Vision for the future



Discerning a vision for the future is right at the heart of the life of our church at this moment in time. To do so we must consider the following:


What is the central purpose of the church?


What does the New Testament (building on the Old Testament) say it is?


What does Jesus say it is? A number of things, but centrally:


Jesus instructs his followers to go and make disciples;


To love God and to love others as we love ourselves;


To serve others.


God has spoken, through The Bible and supremely through His Son.


How can we summarise these kinds of things in a way which makes sense to us?


Can we formulate a statement which we can keep on referring back to, to make sure we're on track?


Can this statement be one we can all say 'Amen' to, then work together to see the vision become a reality ?


Some examples from other churches around the world -


'Making dedicated followers of Jesus, sharing His love with all.'


'Turning irreligious people into committed followers of Christ.'


'Following Jesus in company with each other, for the good of the world.'





'To love the people of...... and share with them some of what God has given to us.'


'Equipping followers of Jesus in the community and sending them out into the world.'


'To reproduce the life and love of Jesus in ourselves and in the world.'


These are only examples but they point to a clear purpose for the church, based around discipleship, community and the act of 'going out' into the world and continuing Jesus' work.


The sermon which introduced this is on our website ( . CD's of the sermon and hand-outs are available at the back of church.


There is still time to put your suggestions in the tray at the back of church – the response has been very encouraging so far, but the more suggestions the better!


Soon after Easter a small group will consider them all, and use them to produce a statement which reflects the main thrust of all the suggestions.


Many churches have found this a significant point on the road to growth. This statement will inform all we will plan to do over the next few years.


We are entering the season of Easter; remembering the resurrection of Christ and the fact that he offers new life to all of us. There are exciting times ahead; why not get involved and play your part as we join with God in His saving and healing work in the world?


With love in Christ