Discerning a vision for the future is right at the heart of the life of our church at this moment in time. To do so we must consider the following:


What is the central purpose of the church?


What does the New Testament (building on the Old Testament) say it is?


What does Jesus say it is? A number of things, but centrally:

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The release of the 2011 Census data seems to have passed many people by.  As always it makes interesting reading and tells us some significant if unsurprising things about the structure and trends of our nation today.

As expected it shows that the proportion of the population who readily identify themselves as Christians has dropped (to 59.4% compared to 72.4% in 2001), the next largest group was Muslims up from 3% to 4.8%.

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A Vision of Hope

Vision, a word which has found its way into so many different uses in the English language. Most of us will spend some of our lives in front of the tele-vision.

We might have our eyes tested at Vision Express.

When we’re preparing for exams we might be involved in re-vision.

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2012 has been a difficult year for a number of families within the family of St. David’s Church . A number of us enter 2013 without someone we entered 2012 with. Others will be facing an uncertain 2013 (and beyond) for a variety of reasons. Some will have found 2012 a good year personally and for many it may have felt little different to previous years.

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