Small groups have proven to be central to the growth of many churches; in terms of depth of faith, support, friendship and in time, numbers of people too.

It is the ‘best way to close the back door of the church.

God is relational and He has established the church to relate to him and to one another (and indeed to relate to the wider world)



The great commandments, according to Jesus are to love God and love one another. Jesus gathered a group of people around him to enable this and the whole of the New Testament bears witness to the importance of relationships, support and fellowship within the church. In short, the call to Christ is also the call to community: A community which worships and celebrates together, reaches out together and which encourages and   supports each other.


What benefits do small groups bring?

  • A safe place where people can feel they belong
  • A place of encouragement and support
  • A place to encounter God
  • A place to go deeper in faith, where faith can be nurtured
  • A place to get to know the Bible better
  • A place where we can learn to pray
  • A place where faith can be applied to everyday life
  • A place where life’s big questions can be asked and doubts and fears honestly shared.
  • A place where commitment to God and to each other can be fostered
  • Quality resources – carefully chosen and well tested.




What might a small group session look like?

     Each group is free to develop its own structure and style, but a suggested structure might look like this:

¨Coffee/refreshments and a general chat about the last week/fortnight

¨A short introductory prayer

¨Introduction to the theme/sometimes a video clip(s)

¨A Bible reading

¨Discussion questions

¨A prayer activity/opportunity (and possibly sharing of needs for prayer)



How do I join a group?

      We currently run groups fortnightly on a Tuesday and Thursday evening and on a  Thursday morning. When need arises we may well offer groups at other times too.

If you're interested contact Becky Burdon on  01484 689849/email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.