How many HOLMFIRTH FLOODS were there?

Most of us have probably heard of the two great floods which caused devastation in the Holme Valley in 1852 and 1944 but did you know there was also a great flood in 1777?
An article from, of all places, the Hampshire Chronicle in July 1777 records the flood:

Wednesday last a most terrible inundation happened at Holmfirth near Huddersfield, occasioned by what is termed by sailors ‘a water spout’. The torrent was so great, and the storm and lightning which preceded it so violent that many people began to terrify themselves with the thoughts of another universal deluge; and it proved little short in respect to those who were principally affected by it, for many of the houses which stood not near any rivulet were recently under water and several, with all their furniture, workshops, utensils, clothes, together with large quantities of wool, and other goods in trade, entirely swept away; some of those house which refitted the violence of the flood, had their furniture washed out, and carried away by it; large quantities of corn and grass upon the ground were utterly spoiled, and no less than seven mills and eight bridges were driven down by the rapidity of the current. The water in a little rivulet in the neighbourhood rose several yards perpendicular in less than ten minutes; three men were carried away by it to a considerable distance, and drowned, one of whom has left a widow and nine children. The scene in short was so amazingly shocking as to exceed description; nor is it possible to form an adequate idea of the deplorable situation of those poor unhappy creatures, many of whom are reduced to the utmost misery and distress. It is impossible to ascertain the damage sustained, but it is supposed to amount to at least £10,000.