Dates have just been agreed for a major Team course called ‘Equipping the Saints’ to be delivered during Lent next year. We’re aiming maximum participation across the Team so will need to plug it in the Jan, Feb and March editions of Parish News.

The dates are Tuesdays March 12, 19, 26 and April 2, 9 – lunchtime at

St David’s, Holmbridge (Conference Room,) and evenings at Christ Church, New Mill.

The course is a major Team initiative for 2019, resulting from a process of consultation throughout the previous year. It is designed to give congregation members more confidence in sharing their faith and making the most of encounters with the wider world in their everyday lives. It will also help them develop their own Christian faith and equip them to contribute to a Team effort aimed at serving our local community.


The kind of home that produces successful children

Children raised in religious homes are more likely to succeed academically than those from non-religious backgrounds, regardless of whether they go to a faith school or not.

Such is the finding of recent research by the UCL Institute of Education, which analysed a cohort of pupils born in 1970, their religious upbringing and the school they went to. The paper suggests that stricter parenting and the protective influence that comes with being part of a faith community could be behind the advantage.