A timely reminder to our readers: beware of potholes!


In winter when I drive my car

I all too often feel a jar –

That awful, cracking, grinding jolt

Which brings my vehicle to a halt.

I sit, and try to comprehend

What’s brought my journey to an end?

Then words and phrases can’t console –

For I have gone and hit a hole!

A hole I didn’t see or seek

It wasn’t there at all last week!

It’s full of water, just a puddle

But now it’s caused an awful muddle.

I’ve bust an axle, blown a tyre

Such menaces as do conspire

To leave us drivers sad and lost

They’re all the work of Mister Frost!

He comes by dark – he works at night

His wicked deeds are out of sight.

He works those tricks which drivers dread

When we are all asleep in bed,

All snuggled in against the cold,

While he’s about dark deeds untold.

So hearken to my dismal ode –

Jack’s made a pothole in the road!

                                                                     Nigel Beeton