If you were I wonder if, like me, you found the Remembrance at the war memorial followed by the Eucharist a good experience?   And I wonder if you felt that, along with some 130 others, you were participating in a genuinely community event? 

And if you were, I wonder how you react to the recent news that many local Anglican parish churches are in danger of being closed because of declining attendance at weekly services and a lack of finance to support their upkeep as well as the shortage of clergy numbers here in the north?

If a church which matters to even a small part of a community has to close, the loss to that community as a whole is, perhaps, incalculable.  Does it matter? And if it does how can we best try to ensure that parish churches do not have to close?  

130 people came to the Remembrance service.  Do you feel that if you don’t turn up at Sunday worship – occasionally or regularly – you are depriving not only yourself but others of the continuing existence of a place where community can be experienced and celebrated – not only weekly but at times of celebration for weddings and Baptisms – and at times of sorrow at funerals or times of local or national grief? 

The church where I was brought up in Lancashire closed last summer just after the 150th anniversary of its founding.  Though over 50 years ago and in a different county, I feel a real sense of loss.

Any thoughts?

                                                                                          Geoff Bamford