Here are the comments made by members of the St David’s congregation who attended the Team conference led by Bob Jackson in June.

 Andy Bounds:  A rare chance to lift our eyes from the day to day and think about how we would like the church to be in the future.  I drew strength from meeting Christians from other parishes and believe we can work together more effectively (e.g. youth work) while keeping our distinct traditions and communities.  Great to hear the kids speak up and be listened to.

 Elisabeth Bounds:  It was a lovely experience to spend more time with friends from St David’s.  Unifying people within our church and without is our biggest challenge and Bob Jackson helped me to recall that it is Christ’s church not ours and we owe it to Him to make a good future in the Holme Valley for  Christians.

 Geoff Bamford: Bob Jackson’s ability to convey his enthusiasm and understanding of our needs so engagingly was quite remarkable.  If we manage to respond to a quarter of his challenges we shall have done well.

Equally impressive were the children’s comments and the readiness of all to listen carefully to what they had to say.

 Helen Milner: Very well organised and lots of time for reflection within individual parishes. I found the service extremely moving and I let the tears flow.  The hymns were known, the band unobtrusive; I loved the layout in the round and as for Communion, well what a lovely way to distribute the bread and wine – it felt as if we were really ‘sharing’.  Just a pity more of our congregation couldn’t experience it.

 Helen Woods: I enjoyed the workshops – they gave me plenty to think about.  It was nice to see lots of friends I hadn’t seen for a while and good that so many from other parishes were there.  A good reminder that we are a Team!

 Jessica Burdon: I liked thinking about what my dream church would be like.

 Lizzy Burdon: I loved the Saturday entertainment and the workshops - well everything really.

 Judi Bamford: It was good to hear Bob speaking so effectively and in such a matter of fact way about our purpose as Christians to ‘go forth and tell’.  The children had the same clarity: it was good to hear them and for them to be heard.  Good to reflect on what we are doing well and how we might do more.

 David Plumstead: How good to see all the Team churches enjoying a splendid event in such a friendly atmosphere.

 Anne Macdonald:  I found the conference enjoyable and interesting with Bob a very easy person to listen to.  Two workshops gave plenty of food for thought but overall I don’t think we do too badly at St David’s.

 Ian Macdonald: A well organised conference which has convinced me St David’s is getting most thing right.  We need to think about a number of ideas and suggestions offered by Bob Jackson and having bought his little Blue Book these ideas will stay fresh in my mind.

 Douglas Bounds: The band played too long on Saturday night; the food was great and the children’s work fun.

 Joe Bounds: A great way to encourage church growth and to bring Christians together.

 Jon Burdon: The highlights were Bob Jackson’s presentations.  He communicated a vision for mission so clearly and effectively.  Hopes for the future: that we have a united vision for God’s mission in Holmbridge and the valley.

 Becky Burdon:  I really enjoyed the entertainment and worship.  Workshop on ‘Welcoming’ was very good and I look forward to seeing some of the ideas being implemented in church.

 Ben and Helen Cooper: A positive start.  Merely being told that there is a God as well as setting out doubt and uncertainty is for many not enough.  But there are many who would like to believe – there is an open door to push at.

 Carolyn Burley: A tremendous opportunity for Christians in the Holme Valley to come together, to meet, to worship, to discuss and to learn.  My hope is for more opportunities to come together as a team, and in parishes, to work on welcoming others, to pray more, to facilitate nurture courses, to work more with children, perhaps through Messy Church, and to Live and Work to His Praise and Glory.

 Les and Jean Chadwick: What a wonderful, friendly and well organised weekend – not eight separate units but just one family united in Christ with one aim – Church Growth.  We’re anxious to share all the information with those who didn’t come and discuss ways and areas to move forward.

 Ian Gold: This was much better than I anticipated and the lessons learned must not be wasted if we are all to move forward. It was great to hear the young people who all spoke so well. The presentations and workshops were very good and well organised, and the worship on Sunday morning was very uplifting.   A splendid team effort!



 We have had positive response to including prayers in recent issues of Broadcast.

 Here is a thought about prayer:

 ‘Prayer is not the moment when human beings are in relationship with God, for that is always.  Prayer is taking the initiative to intentionally respond to God’s presence.’

 And here is a prayer for this month.  We know how important music is in worship and also in many other aspects of most people’s lives.  This prayer tries to help us to include our own pleasure in music with the lives of others.

 We give thanks that music transcends all creeds and all cultures.  We pray that we may hear the voice of one another’s songs, however different from our own; we pray too for those whose song of life has changed; may music be a constant and beautiful companion through every pain, every frustration, and every loss; may the ministry of mind-song and live music be richly blessed.  Lord, reconcile us with thy eternal music; in Christ’s name we pray.



The Huddersfield branch of a military charity is seeking help to reach the hundreds of hidden heroes in the area it believes are not getting the help they deserve.  SSAFA Forces Help (also known as the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association) is calling for people working in the community who know of anyone eligible for help to point them in the charity’s direction.

 SSAFA Huddersfield is currently helping around 250 each year but fears that a combination of pride and lack of knowledge are preventing vulnerable people from coming forward who may be in desperate need of support.

 Bernard Mason from the Huddersfield Branch (a member of the congregation at St David’s) commented: “People from a military background are very proud and many do not like to ask for help, but those who have served their country deserve and often need additional support.  Others may be lonely and not realise how much support there is out there for them.  There are potential clients young and old who are really struggling with physical, mental or financial problems who we can help, but some of them can be very hard for organisations like ours to reach.

 “Sometimes it can take a professional such as a social worker or doctor or maybe someone who they see every day in a shop or café to point them in the right direction. There is certainly no shame in turning to an organisation like SSAFA when you fall on difficult times.  We would encourage anyone who thinks they know someone we can help to encourage them to get in touch.”

 SSAFA Forces Help can deal with a range of problems including housing, adaptations of properties and befriending.  Issues do not have to be the direct result of active service.  It only takes one day of service to be eligible and that includes those who undertook National Service and the dependants, including widows, of someone who served in any of our Armed Forces.

 The local branch of SSAFA Forces Help can be contacted on 01484 425472 or by visiting the Huddersfield Office at 13/14 King’s Head Buildings, Cloth Hall Street, which is open Tuesday and Friday from 9.30am till 11.30am.


The final figure for Holmbridge for the house-to-house collection organised by St David’s during Christian Aid Week was £1,163.95. Our grateful thanks to all who helped and contributed.