Every movement or organisation needs to know what it is about and why it exists; a clear sense of purpose.  The church is no different.  Of course any church has a diversity of views and approaches – a healthy thing in many ways.

However, the danger is it will grow complacent and stagnate if it has no understanding of what lies at the heart of what it means to be Christ’s church in the world today: Something which guides and keeps bringing us back to core purposes is very much needed.

So, a big thank you to the thirty people who contributed ideas for our church’s vision statement. It’s a year now since we began thinking about what God is asking us to be and do. This began with the PCC and moved out to the wider church and everyone has had ample opportunity to offer their thoughts.

A small group has honed all the statements we were offered down into a simple statement which we believe incorporates what the vast majority of suggestions point us towards.

It is easy to remember and consists of just three words:

Praise         Nurture      Serve

Our task over the coming years is to work out together what it means to follow this statement in obedience to God.

To help get us started the PCC have agreed that the following short commentary is a good place to start:

We believe God wants us to be:

•          A people of praise and prayer; worshipping Him with our whole lives and seeking His will above our own.

•          A community which encourages people to think about the big questions in life, which nurtures and encourages all in faith and in living life well.

•          His hands and feet in the world, to serve others close to home and further afield: Signs of God’s love breaking into   people’s lives today.

Our hope and prayer is that we will be truly open to God and so gradually ‘flesh out’ what it means to ‘Praise, Nurture and Serve’ as we go forward together.